Climate Change is one of the most significant risks that we are facing today. Climate change will impact the environment and in turn also adversely change businesses and economies thereby affecting livelihoods.

Mega Lifesciences acknowledges and recognizes these risks and accordingly has Climate Change Strategy and divided the Strategies and Desired Outcomes in each of the areas identified.

Product/ Service
Design Innovation
Desired Outcome
Recyclable Materials
Efficient Packaging
Reduction in Energy Intensity
Training and awareness
Desired Outcome
Supplier audits,
Training on Climate resilience practices
Knowledge transfer with business partners
Collaboration for Eco-innovation
Natural Resources
Renewable Energy
Waste Management
Desired Outcome
Share of Renewable Energy 10% by year 2025 and 40% by year 2030
30% waste circularity by year 2025 and 50% by year 2030
50% water recycling by 2030

We are fully committed to finding ways and means to develop effective low-carbon strategies to reduce actions that cause climate change. We see the circular economy as an important instrument in combatting climate change and an opportunity to strengthen our recycling business globally. Through innovation, we aim to create products that can be used at their maximum value for as long as possible. We have a strategy to reduce our carbon footprint and build other sustainable business practices till 2025 and 2030.