Code of Conduct and complimenting policies – Integrity in dealings and secure working environment

Mega Lifesciences conducts business with high levels of integrity and aims to provide a secure workplace to its employees in and beyond its physical workplaces. Mega Lifesciences also encourages and makes it a mandatory qualification for its suppliers to respect human rights including safety of those under their employment.

Mega Lifesciences does not wish to compromise on the health, wellbeing and safety of its employees at its workplaces and beyond. The Company wishes to follow the laws of the territory in which it operates and any transnational laws which are binding upon the company by reason of its contractual relationships.

Mega Lifesciences follows a principled stance on Bribery and conduct in marketing. The Company has a detailed Anti-Bribery Policy and a Marketing Code of Conduct to ensure integrity in business dealing.

Mega Lifesciences takes pride in its values of Truth, Trust, Respect and Freedom at work place.


Mega Lifesciences has a suite of policies which focusses the strategy and operations of the Company on a path of integrity, compliance and strict tenets of governance. The Code of Conduct and the complimenting policy suite serve as a moral barometer for the Company its governance, strategy and operations.

Organizational Enablement

The Audit Committee overseas the corporate governance of the Company And is also in charge of the business ethics and code of conduct.

Business Ethics And Code Of Conduct Is A Foundation Document For All The Policies

Compliance with the Code is mandatory for Directors, Executives, Management and employees of the Company, Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures including those on deputation in or out of the Company and all the employees in the value chain for which the Company has laid down a Supplier’s Code of Conduct.

Non-compliances with the code would lead to strict disciplinary action including termination of employment as per the laws of the Territory in which the individual is employed.

Employees of the Company or those to whom this Code is applicable are free to report a violation to and the Company shall deal with such reported violations as per the principles of our Whistleblower policy and Non-Retaliation policy