Background And Objective & Goal

Progressive organizations are continuously driving the learning culture forward among colleagues. Like most organizations, Mega has displayed profound agility & resilience to successfully lead in the post pandemic world.

According to stats from Deloitte, organizations with a strong learning culture are 92% more likely to develop novel products and processes, 52% more productive, 56% more likely to be the first to market with their products and services and 17% more profitable than their peers. Their engagement and retention rates are also 30–50% higher. Moreover, millennials rate development as the no.1 job benefit. Evidently, prioritizing learning and development is crucial for building talent & organizational success. No wonder, on-the-job professional development is a critical driver that facilitates an engaging learning culture, which is sustainable.

At Mega, we are passionate about “Creating Owners & Improving Lives”. People are at the core of our capability building initiatives. In order to nurture talents, Mega Academy’s goal is to be a catalyst & facilitate strength-based developmental interventions aiming to strengthen individuals & teams to enhance their skills & knowledge to accelerate performance. The diverse programs of Mega Academy supports in building organizational culture, soft skills, behavioral dimensions, technical expertise and leadership capabilities among teams.

organizations with a strong learning culture are
more likely to develop novel products and processes,
more productive
more likely to be the first to market with their products and services
more profitable than their peers

Mega Academy’s goal is to improve thinking, facilitate learning & development to meet business goals.


Mega Academy’s strategic direction is to

Strengthen the cultural elements of the Mega way by building believers and ambassadors.

Continue to educate colleagues on people, business & personal skills.

Identify & develop required skills & knowledge for colleagues across the globe.

Up-skill & Re-skill as required.

Mega Academy was born as a result of Mega’s commitment towards helping it’s people excel in their areas of strengths. Aligned to this goal & to address the developmental gaps, a comprehensive training need analysis was done across Mega markets during 2014. This was facilitated in collaboration with external partner, which worked closely with key stakeholders at Mega to verbalize the training requirements & identify a structured path to address the developmental needs. Based on this gap analysis, an all-inclusive module kits were co-created based on adult learning principles & experiential engagements. These kits included inspiring examples & stories from around the world which synced with the Mega way & Mega philosophy. The module kits included various components like training outline, facilitator’s guide, training deck, participant guide, etc. to aid learning & development process.

Over the years, Mega Academy has been instrumental in empowering talents to drive the learning momentum forward. The robust governance model & comprehensive program structure drives the learning culture and enables skill & knowledge enhancement. The strength-based approach through strategic interventions like Trainer Readiness Internship Program (TRIP), Mega Master Managers’ (MMM) program, Mega Academy Trainers’ (MAT) program, E-Learning along with regular training programs based on roadmap facilitate managers & teams to drive engagement & performance.

Initially, 12 modules were developed via gap analysis across Mega markets. These modules were included in the People Excellence, Business Excellence & Personal Excellence pillars. Over a period of time, based on the identified training needs, several modules were developed including Induction, Selling skills, ERRC framework from Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS), O3 coaching, Change by Design (CBD) roadmapping, Sales Theory of Constraints (STOC), 5 Keys of Strong Managers based on First Break All The Rules, MBTI & Relational Coordination, Managing Remote Working especially during covid pandemic including skills & tools for digital engagement/digital up-skilling, Mega Master Manager’s (MMM) series with 6 modules, Mega Talent Management (MTM) series with 10 modules, Habits to Strengths were developed.

Journey So Far

No. of Training programs
No. of Hours No. of Participants
2016 38,288 4,784
2017 52,138 6,275
2018 67,380 6,891
2019 68,985 10,496
2020 70,550 12,380
2021 79,892 33,563

12 plus batches of Mega Academy Trainers’ (MAT) program creating 150 + certified trainers in 30+ countries.

60+ STAR trainers delivering 30+ modules & actively contributing to Organizational Learning & Development.

TRIP - Trainer Readiness Internship Program continues to attract dedicated trainers/teachers to take up specific modules, learn & passionately facilitate learning interventions.

Mega Master Managers’ (MMM) program, a flagship program has & continues to empower our 1000+ Managers on strength-based approach to drive engagement & performance.

Cascading our philosophy of “Creating Owners, Improving Lives”, Mega Academy felicitated & recognized 17 Certified Mega Academy Senior Trainers in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, West Africa, Ukraine & Peru for their continuing contributions.

Mega Talent Management (MTM), an initiative based on Human Capital Development’s (HCD’s) strategic objective facilitates in supporting the strategic business goals 2025 (2021 - 2025) & beyond. MTM was rolled out in Q1 2021 for creating awareness and building skills & knowledge among HR/HCD/People champions from Mega markets. This endeavor will equip and enable our 29 people champions to drive people pillar strategy to build sustainable Mega in their respective markets.

Building A Learning Culture That Drives Business Forward

The rapid digitalization in the past couple of years has compelled organizations to explore newer ways to engage their workforce. The skills that were sought after five years ago may no longer be applicable today & beyond. Needless to say, companies need to focus on continuous reskilling & upskilling strategies to keep employees engaged. 59% of HR leaders prioritize building critical skills and competencies to stay relevant.

Mega Lifesciences has always been development-centric & this focus has been growing year after year – more than ever. Mega Academy’s endeavor is to continuously evaluate the skills and knowledge gaps and look at holistic development in a strategic way to support the business growth. Our talent strategies revolve around not just short term capability building but looking at sustainable development to build an evolving, agile & adaptable Mega, that will change before it is forced to.

Mega’s growth mindset and thinking, changing & growing culture nurtures employees’ strength-based approach and facilitates in adopting new skills & knowledge to do their work right. Our ability to learn and replicate those learnings into tangible actions energizes our competitive advantage.