Mega Lifesciences – a Thinking Organisation

MEGA is a deep-thinking organization, where we strive to allow people the opportunity to learn from the best. We want to encourage not just thinking about everything we do, but the why and how of it too. Only by using our freedom to question do we challenge outdated methods and traditions, in order to form new ideas. Seek new solutions, find new approaches and exploit new opportunities to work together with us, to build a better MEGA.

Mega Values


Being truthful in what we do every day is the way of life here at MEGA. We insist on truth in action every day. We will not manufacture, market, sell, or distribute any product that is not safe for humans. We will do everything to report and inform the public truthfully about our performance, successes and failures, and own up to the mistakes we make.


We trust people as adults who know what needs to be done. We show 100 percent trust in people who work at MEGA, till this trust is lost. We believe everyone is honest and is here to give their best, they wish to come to work on time, contribute, and want to be respected for the work they do. Our trust extends beyond our own people to our suppliers and partners who work together to help us create value for their customers.


Each one of us is different and brings his or her distinct abilities to the team. A team is made up of passionate, committed and caring people who bring different views. We encourage respect amongst our team members, fostering a culture of learning and changing together. Mega is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, nationality, religion, civil status, sex, or sexual orientation. Mega respects a good work & life balance.


MEGA insists on freedom to be oneself, encouraging you to do what you are best at. We believe in hiring adults and trusting them to make responsible decisions once that freedom is given. We believe in giving them freedom to make choices to lead their lives the way they wish to, without being judgmental. As an adult, you are expected to value your responsibilities and maximize your freedom, utilizing the existing guidelines.

Mega Commitment – The Vision

The MEGA commitment is to provide quality products and services through constant improvement and innovation. We are also committed to developing mutual trust and respect in our suppliers, distributors, and customers, as well as the country in which we operate. We offer our valued consumers products of that fit their needs, with a focus on the quality and quantity of ingredients, in addition to accurate information, and we believe in our good judgment as our guide.