Mega believes in and practices We care which is a holistic approach ranging from sourcing and manufacturing till after sales care.

We believe in Creating Owners … Improving Lives. Mega’s Dharma is to help people live as long as they live.

Customers are a critical part of Mega’s supply chain starting from sourcing of Raw Materials. Customers play a key role of connecting Mega with the consumers. Mega manufactures/ sources high technology products with the purpose to make them available at affordable prices.

Highlights of Management’s Customer Proposition

  • Education and awareness of products and Mega’s facilities for Customers
  • Education and awareness of consumers’ health conditions
  • Prevention of disease by educating customers to have a healthy lifestyle
  • Information Technology applications for connecting Mega and Customers on the same platform
  • Building awareness within Mega about Customer’s business proposition and challenges

Targets for year 2025 till 2030.

  • Maintain targets for Customer Satisfaction as per scores and methodology set by each market/ business segment
  • Improve Information technology applications connecting Mega- Customer-Consumer
  • Build greater sales engagement with customers
  • Build on-line sales and fulfillment Improve product and health awareness


Customer satisfaction survey report

  • The customer satisfaction using the questionnaire in the Customer Satisfaction Survey for Maxxcare Form
  • The collecting for the survey is directly done by Delivery Man
  • Summary and analysis by Customer Care Team
  • Quantity of survey sample: 212 Customers - Done: 200 Customers - The customer refuses: 12 Customers

Summary of rating

Dissatisfied Acceptable Satisfied
Highly (1) Somewhat (2) Just OK (3) Good (4) Delighted (5)
0.45% 0.11% 8.72% 41.11% 49.61%

Improve our service levels to enhance customer delight, which will ensure our customers support us more, is satisfied with our services vis-à-vis completion.

Some photographs of 2023 we have done for retail pharmacies, events as education, Team building

Prepared by Ngo The Anh – Customer Care Manager January 18, 2024.


In 2023, all sales divisions sale officer’s planned outlets across the country



Planned outlets for primary operation area



Survey responded primary customers


Survey outlet by Division

Pharma related outlets


Consumer related outlets


Both Pharma & Consumer


Area coverage

Yangon city, Mandalay town and deport area (Primary)

Survey outlets types

All coverage outlets types by equal ratio

Customer Satisfaction Survey Report (Year 2023) For Customer Services
SR Question Total customer Total marks received Total possible marks (Max) Satisfaction (%)
1 Handling of the inconvenience on customer's complaints. 795 517 590 88%

Total survey customers - 795

The customers who had contacted with company for complaint - 59 As per SOP - 5.4.2 (>70%) - high satisfaction

(between 50% to 70%) - Medium satisfaction (<50%)- Low satisfaction


Go wild for a while - hiking session for customers