We are a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical products and Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, we are a leading distributor in developing countries with high growth trends such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. In addition, we develop, manufacture, market and sell our own market leading brands of nutraceutical products, generic prescription pharmaceutical products, and OTC products under our Mega We CareTM brand through our distribution network and third party distributors in countries across the world. As of December 31, 2021, our Mega We CareTM branded products were being sold in a total of 36 countries around the world.

Our business activities across all major stages of the pharmaceutical industry value chain provide us with increased opportunities to pursue growth by realizing potential synergies arising from coordinating our efforts across business segments in our selected markets. We believe the market leading positions held by our Mega We CareTM branded products and MaxxcareTM distribution businesses will enhance our ability to increase market share through both organic growth and acquisitions. In addition, the growth of our business will provide us with sufficient resources to continue developing new products, and allow us to invest in our distribution services to drive and strengthen future growth and profitability.

We believe that significant growth opportunities will arise from our focus on fast growing developing markets. The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets in the developing world are expanding rapidly, in line with strong economic growth and demographic changes. The consumer health market in particular is the direct beneficiary of favorable global and local healthcare trends and is expected to grow significantly over the coming years.

Due to the economic growth of the key markets in which we operate, in addition to increased consumer health awareness in those markets,we foresee opportunities and a trend of revenue growth from our major business segments, namely, our MaxxcareTM distribution business segment and Mega We CareTM branded products business segment.

Mega We CareTM branded products achieved a higher rate of profit than other business segments. Such growth was attributable to increased revenues derived from Mega We CareTM branded products (mainly from the sales of pharmaceutical prescription products, nutraceutical products and OTC products). Revenue from our MaxxcareTM distribution business - an important business segment with high growth potential, given the growth potential of our customer base (principal) in pharmaceuticals and FMCG.


Our MaxxcareTM distribution business:

We market, sell and distribute various branded prescription pharmaceutical products, OTC and FMCG products. Our services include warehouse management, collections (including assuming the liability for bad debts), and value-added services, such as marketing services for some major principals. We operate our MaxxcareTM distribution business in three countries, namely, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Our clients for this business segment include leading domestic and international pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. In addition, we also distribute our Mega We CareTM branded products in the markets in which we operate.

Our Mega We CareTM branded products business:

We develop, manufacture, market and sell our own brand of nutraceutical products, prescription pharmaceutical products and OTC products.

Our OEM business:

In addition to manufacturing our own branded products, our manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Australia accepts various production orders from thirdparty customers.

Mega Lifesciences’ revenue is derived mainly from Mega We care Branded products which comprise of Medicinal Supplements and Niche Pharmaceutical products and Maxxcare distribution business. These two businesses contribute more than 97% of the business revenues. Mega Lifesciences also manufactures products under OEM contracts in its facilities located in Thailand and Australia.


Continue to make investments in capacity building

We will engage with stakeholders and build a mutual growth platform

Sustain and grow the revenue streams by introducing specialty Pharmaceutical and Supplement products in our existing and new markets. We aim to be a champion of developing and underdeveloped markets by introducing high technology/niche products at affordable prices.

We will improve the standards of offerings in products under Mega We care® through compliance of higher standards of GMP and in services under MaxxcareTM by adopting technology and higher standards of services.

Mega Lifesciences will also optimize costs to ensure sustainable existence and growth in the markets where it operates.

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